In transit

I’m on the plane, en route to Madrid. My mind is wandering.

How will it be this time? What thoughts will come up during the many hours of loneliness? Will I gain new insights? I’m visualizing how the arrival will be. After all I know a few of my fellow runners from previous races. I’m looking forward to meeting my Dutch running family Sylvia and John, who I met and run with in Bhutan and Iceland. Will we manage to share the trails again?

I’m nervous and excited at the same time. Can’t wait to hit the trail, to meet up with the spirits one can find insight oneself – given one starts to listen.

Over the years I met many inner demons, I did not think existed and I certainly learned a lot of lessons.

This kind of running has become my ultimate means to deal with the many challenges life passes on to you. It has become a way to reflect, meditate and suffer but most of all learn to accept. Latter one certainly not one of my strong sides.

There’s this point during the race when one hits the wall of total exhaustion. The moment when one realizes that one somehow made it beyond what was considered possible, physically and mentally.

Now what? Your brain tells you to stop immediately, as all reserves have been depleted. How will I deal with it this time? Give in? Manage to continue. I know one thing for certain, I will find out.

My preparation for this race was again poor at best. My travel schedule was crazy and the weather in the places I traveled to did not really allow for solid runs. I also faced issues with my ligaments again – I almost had to cancel this race.

Well, despite all of it, I feel good. I think I’m strong, my body is pretty reliable and my mind is certainly used to some stubbornness. I’ll fight until the finish line and I will enjoy every minute of it. Pain, you can come.

This is life at it’s best. Six days of being in the here and now. Only focused on the next step, when to drink and eat and when to rest and crash. No email, no work, no world pains… just me.

This year has been absolutely crazy, by all means. It was filled with uncertainty, massive joy and at least as massive pain. I learned again who I can lean on, who showed to be a true friend and who simply is not.

There’s is decisions to be made and things to be reflected on. If not now, when else…

I’ll let you in on my journey, if you’re interested. I invite you to run with me, reflect with me, share my thoughts, my pain but first and foremost my joy.

Life is precious, it’s a gift. Let’s live it to the fullest.

Get ready!

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