The big hello

I finally arrived and reunited with the family. Crazy amazing. Within 10 minutes I got easily 20 hugs and cheers. Everybody is super excited and eager to get to know you. The hospitality is what you would expect from Spain, fantastic. There is fresh food and wine… All of it.

This is part of why I love these races so much. The energy of the people is just so right.

My bus ride from Madrid airport was uneventful but slow. After I arrived in Burgos, it turned out to be a two and a half hour bus ride, I was picked up by one of Manu’s staff for the final 45 minutes of driving. This is were I met Rahul. A fellow runner from India, who apparently works in Dubai. Very friendly chap, who’s doing his first Ultra and understandably is very psyched. As it turns out we share some similarities in our life, but who doesn’t.

I’m bunking with Roland from Switzerland. Also, a very pleasant personality. Very chatty. We talked until 0:30 in the morning. It seems I somehow always hang with guys from Switzerland. Potentially because I admire their stamina, when it comes to running – a big hello to Peter Osterwalder, who I keep in touch with every since Bhutan.

It’s midnight now, so lights out.

More tomorrow…

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