Day 1.


Planned were 48km, due to hunters and a required detour it turned into 53km. Doesn’t sound much of a difference, but it is. You can ask my feet.

The day started early and with a ceremony in the woods. Celtic druids were drumming and singing. Prior to leaving we received some kind of blessing and a branch from tree that carries poisoning fruits. Apparently a Celtic tribe from the area used these on themselves in order to not be enslaved by the Romans. Well, I decided to not put the berries next to my powerbars. Who can blame me.

I started the day with my Dutch family, and we placed really well as part of the leading pack until km 30. Sylvia decided to leave John and I behind, she’s just a too strong runner. Roland, my room neighbor and one of these crazy good runners from Switzerland, stayed with us for a while.

All felt really smooth, the trails geourgous. The scenery is very beautiful. Rough, open, dense, woods, fields, little creeks. All of it. It’s also very hilly.

Then came this really steep and long uphill. Man, do I not like mountains. The first hour was fine, but eventually I had a slight asthma episode again. I just couldn’t get enough oxygen into my body anymore and consequently had to pace down. I was not excited, as I was visualizing my victory but decided to accept my faith.

I should later meet with Peter from Hawaii, who I finished this day with. Lots of good talk, fresh berries and apples, directly picked while running …

I’m exhausted right now and a bit dehydrated, but that was to be expected. Tonight’s food will help to replenish the lost 7000 calories. Best of all, I booked a massage. In 30 minutes from now someone hopefully puts some life back into my legs.

Tomorrow is officially 51km. Yeah, baby! Let it come. You don’t scare me.

Not yet…

I’ll keep you posted

Photo: John Matthijs

Relive ‘1st stage’

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