Day 2.

Map of stage 2

8:34:16 – Piece of cake! Who wants some? Just came in, being shy of 53 km – again slightly more than announced.

The last part was super hard. Almost 8 k steep downhill over gravel and whatever else does not belong on a trail.

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The race started at 730 hours, it was still dark. Manu asked us to not pass his car for the first 2 km, so he could get us out of the town.

Peter and I decided to join up again, although my original plan was to take it really slow until the first steep incline at 14.9 km.

Well, we ended up rolling through the gourgeous little valleys, with cristal clear water and more. Just wonderful single trails, the type that allow you to enjoy the run. It still went steadily up but in a nice way.

After checkpoint 1 the incline started and after my mild asthma experience yesterday I was a bit concerned it could happen again. It did not. We maintained a nice and smooth pace until we arrived on top of that massive block of stone. It was around that time when the first real fast runners, who were started 30 minutes later, passed us. The top group is just super strong.

I realized I’m probably more the “Eddie the Eagle” of ultra-marathoners but that’s fine. I will not finish last.

Shootout to the medical team! Laura and Helen are just lovely and so carrying, it really makes all the difference. I came in a bit dehydrated yesterday and needed some medical attention. I got that and plenty of hugs. What more can one ask for.

That massive rock turned out to be a mountain, who would have guessed. It kept rolling up and down, more up but who’s counting and eventually got us to the next checkpoint in one of the little towns.

We found out that the group of 4 runners that had passed us earlier overlooked a sign and took a detour – no fun. So, apparently runners can’t even pass basic intelligence tests.

The next 25km were quite boring. It took us through a massive Windfarm. Again, lots of up and down, mostly up and gravel. It’s here where some of my toes finally gave in. I’m blistered up on at least 4 toes, but still will see if my body reclaims the skin over night.

I already mentioned the last part. This is where Peter let me lose. He said he needed to get down in his own speed, which is quite understandable. He started moving down. I took the video above and when I was finally finished, realized that he had already created quite some distance. No way. I’m not coming in minutes after someone I ran all day with, so I started to pace up.

I realized quickly that it was far more painful to use my thy muscles to stop me at every step, so I created a new plan of action. Zip down, add fast as you can and get it over with. I did just that. Made sure to lift up my feet at every step to not trip. I quickly reached at last Peter and 3 more runners, thinking this race should be over soon.

Well, nothing seems really precise here. They say 50 and mean around 50. I finally reached the little town, but before I knew I had passed it also. How much longer is this going to take. I was running on empty before that downhill and essentially put the rest of my reserve into what I thought another 6km. But I guess there’s always some reserve. Three more kilometers and I was able to call day two done.

Everything considered I did well.

My legs are really worn out though. I just enjoyed a hot shower and even a massage before we’ll be served another fantastic dinner. In that regard this race is very special. Having a hot shower, a clean bed, freshly made food and a massage makes this the perfect holiday.

You don’t find me cursing a lot this time, but I’m sure those moments will come eventually.

I’ll find out and let you know.

P.S. I learned a lot about crypto currency today – ether and Bitcoin. Who would have thought. Two geeks running up a hill talking about Blockchain.

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