Stage 2: From Sedano to Poza de la Sal

Monday, 23rd September 2019

Approx. 50km. +1,300m -1,420m.

Good morning! I had a good night of sleep. Lights out at 2200 hours. I ended up being super dehydrated and had to drink for an hour to make up for it. Not good and I don’t quite understand, but it happens.

Today we have another mountain coming and a few mounds. I will start slower for the first 14km, make the hill and take it from there. Roadbook says it’s 50km today, I hope that’s the final.

The top 12 runners will be started at 800 hours, the rest of the crowd (me included) at 730 hours. Boy do I look forward to this. I think this might be a day where I run alone. I’ll find out.

The spirit in this entire group is fantastic. Everyone is cheerful and chatty. We apparently love what we do. The kitchen team again created awesome food last night and received standing ovations – well deserved.

I’m a bit sore, the legs are heavy, but it will go away. My goal for today is to make this mountain with dignity, all else goes from there.

One goal at a time. One step at a time. Sounds familiar?! Yes, because it is.

Not much else to say.

I’ll keep you posted.

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