Stage 3: From Poza de la Sal to Olmos de Atapuerca

Tuesday, 24th September 2019

Approx. 47.5km. +1,060m -775m.

Got a good night of sleep. Crashed at 2100 hours. My legs are really stiff, but that is expected, and my stomach seems upset for no reason.

Can’t really find anything I want to eat. The thought of food is already unpleasant. Not sure why, I only hope I can manage to get one or two powerbars down during the day. I had 2 cooked eggs and some cheese for breakfast, that should last a while. Afterall it’s a fat burning exercise.

Today is supposed to be an easy day. 47.5 km only. I don’t really believe this anymore. Will take it as it comes.

I’ll keep you posted …

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