Stage 5: From Valle del Sol to San Pedro Cardeña

Thursday, 26th September 2019

Approx. 43km. +590m -1125m.

Good morning! I had a good night of sleep and a lot of food last night. My legs are tired, as expected but my spirits are high. I feel really well.

I think I finished three bowls of guacamole only before dinner. I’m craving fat over anything. Cheese and salty potato chips for breakfast. I usually don’t do this, but these are special times. Since I’m not eating much while I run it’s crucial to refill before and after.

The last folks arrived at 2200 hours last night, after probably 13 hours of walking. That’s just brutal. It gives you very little time for the so needed recovery. I was already asleep at that time or well, let’s say in my bunk bed. There’s some snoring going on, but so far I successfully pointed at Roland, when people asked for the elephant. As some of you might recall: I don’t snore, I purr like a little kitten.

Enough said. I wish all of you a great day and am looking forward to mine. Start is in 38 minutes from now, time to gear up.

I’ll keep you posted …

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