Day 6.

Wow! Over and finished. I crushed it today. I felt really good this morning so I decided to go for it. I finished the 13 km in 1 hour and 12 minutes and with that amongst the top people.

It was a beautiful trail, mostly slightly downhill, with some interesting twists – as usual. We apparently crossed an unknown, almost forgotten part of the Camino de Santiago.

I kept pacing nicely, always a bit concerned something crazy could come up and stop me hard, but it did not happen this time. I picked up quite a few people on my path and almost detoured past the finish line. A tourist actually called me back. Thanks, stranger! This would have been a typical Dirk.

Coming in felt just great. It was a super hard race after all.

After a proper finish and loads of hugs we are were asked to participate in a wedding ceremony conducted by Oscar, the Celtic shaman I met yesterday. Very inspiring and very cool, to say the least.

(Click on menu arrows to enlarge video.)

We had about an hour to shower and get dressed for some tapas and celebration before our final dinner tonight.

Everyone is so cheerful, it’s just magic. I’d say we deserve it. We all worked very hard for it.

Shootout for Rahul. He came in at around three hours and some. You made it, mate. Great job! I’m sure you’ll never forget this first one.

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Tonight is the celebration dinner and probably a little partying.

I’ll keep you posted …

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