Stage 6: From San Pedro Cardeña to Burgos

Approx. 13km. +215m -325m.
Finish of the Race at the Cathedral in the historic centre of Burgos
Award Ceremony and Dinner

Good morning! Final day. Everyone is excited. We are all ready for the end. Supposedly it’s an easy 13 km run, but at this point I will judge it when I arrive.

Rob and Jan got married and decided to celebrate with all of us when we come in. I wish the two of you the very best for your life marathon. May you always be happy.

Turns out I start at 9:45 today. It’s much shorter distance today and that way the slower runners and those that are limping by now have a headstart.

P&D will crush it today. The word is out:)

My feed are pretty swollen, I barely got into my shoes this morning, the rest appears to be functioning. Taped the multiple blisters and are hoping it’ll do.

We participated in the final service with monks last night, a somewhat taking ceremony with lots of chanting and singing. The monestary is pretty inside.

That was after some light food after my ceremony with the Celtic shaman, which was a great experience. With a good night of sleep, I’m now ready to go for the medal.

We are taking group pictures in a few minutes, so I have to keep this short but I’ll write more later.

Stay on for the ride…

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